New website

Our new website is online! After an organized study - and designed based on web standards - we present it to you.

Study/Construction of two luxurious detached houses in the foot of Parnitha

The office will commence a study of two luxurious detached houses in the foot of Parnitha, in the region of Thrkomakedones. Where the total cost amounted to 300.000€ and the duration of the construction will last two years.

Study/Construction of a modern, two-storied building

A study is also being finalised on the addition of a roof, of a ground floor refugee building in N.Ionia as well as the addition construction so that the final outcome will result in a modern two-storied building.

Three-storied building at Panorama of Virona

After winter, plaster work will be continued and completed for a three-storied building at Panorama of Virona, with the completion being finalised and the building handed over by the end of summer 2006.